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AWS SysOps Associate
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AWS SysOps Associate


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AWS SysOps Certification Training Overview

AWS Certified Sysops Certification is designed to help professionals leverage AWS for organizations successfully and securely. In this course, you will learn how to deploy and run applications on the AWS platform using Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS and other services.

What will you learn in AWS SysOps Course?
  •  Fundamentals of the AWS platform
  •  Using the AWS Management Console to manage and deploy applications
  •  Configuring, monitoring, and maintaining AWS services
  •  Security and compliance measures for AWS platform
  •  Pricing models and cost optimization on AWS
  •  Troubleshooting issues related to application deployment and performance.
Why get the AWS SysOps Certification from Sprintzeal?

There are plenty of benefits of getting the AWS SysOps certification. Here we have listed out the top 5 skills you acquire from this credential that can be valuable additions to your resume

  •  Learn to deploy, manage, and operate workloads on AWS
  •  Learn to use AWS Management Console and the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)
  •  Understanding of the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  •  Implementation of security controls and compliance requirements
  •  Knowledge about AWS networking and security services
Target Audience

AWS SysOps credential is beneficial for IT professionals who are working in deploying and operating systems on AWS. Professionals in job roles like system administrators, network engineers, software engineers, and IT support professionals get benefitted from this course.

However, AWS SysOps course is also suitable for anyone who wants to gain knowledge of cloud infrastructure and learn how to manage servers and applications on the AWS platform.


What is included in the AWS SysOps Training Program?
  •  Domain 1: Monitoring and Reporting - 22%
  •  Domain 2: High Availability - 8%
  •  Domain 3: Deployment and Provisioning - 14%
  •  Domain 4: Storage and Data Management - 12%
  •  Domain 5: Security and Compliance - 18%
  •  Domain 6: Networking - 14%
  •  Domain 7: Automation and Optimization - 12%

Top Skills Covered - Data Management, Data integrity and security, Deployment and provisioning, Migration of onpremises apps to AWS, AWS operational best practices, CloudWatch metrics analysis, Operational cost control measures, AWS usage costs.

Pre-requisites for AWS SysOps Certification:
  •  An undergraduate degree or a high school diploma
  •  Foundation level knowledge of AWS services is recommended

It is also beneficial to have some knowledge and hands-on experience in system operations, such as system deployment, monitoring, and management.


7 Days Money Back Guarantee

If Sprintzeal does not meet your expectations for whatever reason you will get your money back. All you have to do is email us at support@sprintzeal.com and we will refund you.

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

If Sprintzeal does not meet your expectations for whatever reason you will get your money back. All you have to do is email us at support@sprintzeal.com and we will refund you.



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